3 million children die hungry every year. What can you do about it?

Did You Know? 3 Million Children Die Hungry Every Year!

Appx. 3 Million Children Die Hungry Every Year!

It’s a matter of great concern that children – in the millions have died due to hunger in the past years despite the presence of responsible people, societies and governments. Something needs to be done and everyone can contribute to stop the next 3 million children from dying malnourished. The 3 million figure has come from the Unicef as reported here.

What’s being done about it and what can we do about it?

A lot can be done if authorities rise to the occasion. If criminal wastage of food can be stopped, the global agricultural production of food is enough to feed everyone. This is a macro overview of the food waste and hunger situation from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, USDA, Empire State Realty Trust:

world hunger and food waste stats

Let’s get together and pledge to stop food waste

And as tweeted by WFP, there’s more to wasting food than meets the eye:

and malnutrition has many faces:

Save the next 3 million

Let’s try to save the next 3 million innocent children and bring this issue in focus so that governments take note and treat the eradication of hunger as a primary goal in all nations. Period.

How can we pitch in?

Everyone’s support is welcome in creating awareness of this pressing need. I urge you to spread awareness with a social share on social media platforms where you are connected so that your followers can become aware too and in-turn create more awareness by re-sharing your posts.

You can support it across your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social accounts and re-share with a request for support. Thanks in advance to all who can pitch in.


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