3 million children die hungry every year. What can you do about it?

Did You Know? 3 Million Children Die Hungry Every Year!

Appx. 3 Million Children Die Hungry Every Year!

It’s a matter of great concern that children – in the millions have died due to hunger in the past years despite the presence of responsible people, societies and governments. Something needs to be done and everyone can contribute to stop the next 3 million children from dying malnourished. The 3 million figure has come from the Unicef as reported here.

Here's what it takes to be a social media marketing evangelist...

Sample Profile for a Social Media Marketing Specialist or Evangelist

I am often asked by clients to profile resources that they want to hire for Internet marketing. So I have decided to come out with a series of posts that will list the job responsibilities of candidates required for various tasks involving online marketing.

I am sharing these profiles under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Generic (CC BY 3.0) license and encourage you to copy and use these profiles for your own hiring needs. Here’s the first one:

Why Thank You Pages

5 Reasons Why You Need a Thank You Page After a Form

While working on a startup’s landing page, I saw that the main call-to-action – a form, did not show a “thank you” response page when the form was submitted. It simply displayed a message that I almost missed at the bottom of the form that read, “Thanks, we will get back to you soon”. What I had in mind was something different.

What is Canonicalization anyway?

Canonicalization for Error-Free Website Linking – Presentation

Canonicalization – to demystify this tongue twister, it’s simply a process deployed in search engine algorithms that helps choose from two or more URLs when all carry the same content. It’s a way of filtering out duplicate content from search engine indices.